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Road Safety

Road Safety at Lucas Heights Community School

Lucas Heights Community School welcomes safe and careful drivers. School zones are typically busy areas - especially at peak times - with drivers and pedestrians alike needing to exercise great care and attention. Any situation or environment involving traffic and children is potentially dangerous - none more so than our school driveways and crossings.
All school zones are designated 40km/hr areas between the hours of 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM -4:00 PM. Please ensure that your speed is safe for the time and conditions and be sure to obey the directions of both the traffic and parking signs. Of particular importance are the areas signposted as "Drop off" Zones - which do not allow parking, but do allow stopping to allow sufficient time for a passenger to enter or leave  vehicle.

Carparks and Driveways  

NSW accident statistics show that carparks and driveways are serious hazards for children. The staff carpark is completely out of bounds to students. There have been instances of students taking a "shortcut" through this area after having been dropped off in or near the vacant space to the north of the carpark. Please keep in mind that staff carparks are off limits to parents and senior students - as are all areas set aside and indicated by signs as disabled parking areas.

staff parkdisabled sign

Bus Bay and roundabouts

Buses obscure visibility - especially when they are turning. Please be vigilant in all circumstances involving buses and never park in a bus bay. Aside from attracting heavy penalties, the practice of obscuring these thoroughfares is inherently dangerous. The roundabout at the southern end of the school is also potentially dangerous as drivers who are executing the turns can miss seeing a pedestrian on the roadway.


During peak times, a Road Safety Traffic Regulator is employed to manage the school crossing. Please cooperate with the directions of this officer. School crossings are for pedestrian use only. Cyclists need to dismount and cross the road on foot when using the crossing. In areas where there are no crossings, drivers need to be especially vigilant as children (pedestrians and cyclists) can enter the roadway suddenly and without warning. Please keep a good lookout at all times.
pedestrian crossingBikes

Cycling to and from school

Cycling is a healthy activity that has been part of the Australian scenery for generations. With increasing road traffic - especially in the cities - there is a need to be careful and safe when cycling. Cyclists need to 
  • always wear a helmet when riding
  • where possible, wear items of clothing that increase visibility
  • obey the road rules.
Never ride on pedestrian crossings or in the school grounds. During school times, bicycles need to be stored in the racks that the school has provided.